Legoland New York

Hi! Anyone familiar with or recently been here? We are going at this last minute this weekend with my in-laws. There is a very good local residents offer. We will be there just for the day on Saturday, so not hotel or anything. What should I rope drop? I have two boys age 4.5 and 7.5. The older one is a thrill ride fan and the younger is not.

In addition, what should I be prepared for souvenir wise? They both love legos and mom is an easy yes in terms of theme park shopping.


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Try a message to @Totsypooh or finding her on Chat. I know she’s gone a few times and would have some insight.


Ok I figured I would update this post for forum posterity. I never got ahold of Totsy but that’s ok. I feel sufficiently prepared!

This trip is brought to you by a smoking hot deal for local residents!

Like many of my geriatric millennial counterparts in these “after” times I chase childcare wherever I can get it. This summer we’re both crossing state lines and bringing in international relations. So the latter half of this week my in laws in NY have watched the kids while my husband and I work from their home. Win win. They wanted to go to Legoland yesterday but I wanted to go too!


So since modern theme park operations must now include the frustrating early wake up, I was up at 6:55 to book our “water park reservation.”

Now I was awake but the park doesn’t open until 10!! I don’t get it. This is also a glorified splash pad and you only get a 20 minute time slot. Off to a great start Legoland!

Want to see the price for their Fast pass??

But seriously, my kids are VERY excited!


This is the same at our local theme park - I hate the cost of fast pass (so I don’t do it) AND I want the park to open before 10. At 10, I’ve already been up for 3.5 hrs.

Have a great time!!


I’m not doing it either! We are already in the car. I feel pretty confident in my touring plan. And the one ride that had a 100 minute ride yesterday isn’t even included!


Ugh, I hate that! :roll_eyes:

Thanks for posting your experiences! This is a potential trip for us. :smile:

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I feel like when we went to Disneyland Paris there was zero information and now there are dozens of trips reports so hopefully I’m opening the Legoland floodgates for you!

I’ve watched a couple videos and read some blogs. My plan is to go left in the following order:

Factory Adventure
Dragon/Apprentice (50/50 if our apprentice will ride)
Driving School
Coast Guard Academy

Coast guard is the one with the ridiculous waits in the afternoon so we will gladly skip that if necessary. At least the kids don’t know what they are missing here!

It was suggested to sign up for a workshop early so I will need to find out where I do that and will let you know.

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In the car home after a great day!!

We arrived right around 9:45 (10am opening). Don’t pay for premium parking if you arrive before opening. We were feet from the entrance. As we waited in line my FIL started to ask why we rushed out the door if we were going to have to wait to get in the park… (10 minutes!) I pretended not to hear him. DHs cousin from PA also was with us who frequently joins our WDW trips and told him that he had utmost faith in my plan. I owe him a dole whip!

Once in we went left as instructed straight to the factory tour. I was chill and allowed for photo stops!

As partially expected, DS4 balked and we had to chicken exit. No biggie. Tried to get the family on Ninjago but DS7 was already running to the dragon. Biiiig hill to get down there. It was a literal walk on and we did it 3 times! It was definitely dead in the castle area as we headed over to Lego city.

All was also quiet over here. Anyone following any of our other adventures will know that my kids love jails.

Driving School was also a walk on… This is very well done. My extremely Power Wheels experienced DS4 was cruising laps around some of the poor other kids.

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Lego City was where we spent the most time I think. There was a giant playground and a lot of covered benches. We also did the Coast Guard academy which was about a ten minute wait only because it is SO slow to load. But it was a wicked cute ride. I enjoyed it. But it had a 65 minute wait in the afternoon! :scream:

We had lunch around 11:40 at the Brickolinis pizza. It wasn’t too bad.

While we waited for the food we took the kids on the fire brigade ride. It said 5 minutes but took easily 15. It was very fun but two of six trucks were broken so the line moved really slow.

Then we headed down to the Pirate area. This is where the splash pad/water park is. It’s very small and even with the reservations looked way over crowded. Our reservation was for 2 and this was like 12:30 so we ultimately skipped it. We did the pirate ship water shooter ride instead which was perfect! Another walk on. At the exit of that ride is the other mini pirate ship boat ride which listed a 45 minute wait so we passed on that.

Being wet actually worked out perfectly here as we had to walk back up the hill through the Mini-land. This is SO well done with interactive parts that the kids loved.

Lombard Street in San Francisco

Old Faithful

Wilderness Lodge

Boston including some interesting characters running the marathon

The kids had to march on the plates to make the band move and play music

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We were back up close to the entrance now and fortunately I looked to check the wait for Ninjago to find it was closed. So we looked through the Legos and then did the Build & Test. This is such a Win-Win and Disney should add literally anything like this. Kids build Legos and adults sit in air conditioning!

I went into the Creative Build building and they did have a decent amount of spots left in the demonstrations but my kids were fine next door building on their own.

Ninjago came back up finally so we scurried over there for maybe a ten minute wait. DHs cousin said it was like Webslingers. I got DS4 to ride by saying it was like TSMM and he loved it! He crushed Grandma and Grandpa!

DS7 tried to talk us into a $200 Lego on the way out but he got a Ninja sword instead and no tears were shed. So all in all a great day!!

It’s open until 7pm tonight so I bet it will clear out shortly which could be fun too. I hope this helped anyone who might go in the future! We skipped all of the midway rides but there never seemed like crazy lines.


I had no idea there is a Legoland in NY :flushed:

I thought I knew where they existed but turns out there are several others I didn’t know either (Malaysia, Dubai and South Korea)

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