Legoland Florida

We’re visiting for the day today. Ask questions and I’ll try to answer as we go along. Park opens at 10am, and we’re playing in the new hotel lobby. Wow.


we will there in 2 weeks. hope you had a good visit!

We will be there in February and I would love to hear what both of you have to say about it! @willijen, I did see your comment on chat. Glad to know it went smoothly!

@willijen and @dandlsmom, how did it go? Any tips to share?

We had a great time. DS8 LOVED it. Park wasn’t super busy (relatively speaking) so I’m afraid I don’t have great tips. The main one I have used (and a park employee confirmed) was to start at the back and work your way forward. Especially if you want to try the driving school. that is VERY slow. They added a new “Friends” area in the past couple of years. My boys didn’t want to go because its the “girls” legos, but it includes a new ride that is fun. And a not well advertised photo op with green screen that was fun and gave us great pics, so look for that. I’m happy to try to answer other questions if I can.

Thanks so much for the input! I may be in touch with questions! I have 3 boys, so I see us avoiding the Friends area as well…

Ask away, I’ll answer if I can remember the answers. I remember the food was not bad at all, typical theme park stuff, but good quality. It was just so hot the day we went. We saved touring the city models for the end, but that was a mistake. Absolutely no shade, and we were too hot to stay in the area and really look at it for too long. We should have done it in the morning while it was cooler. We skipped the Friends area too, but mostly because mom and dad were so hot and tired.