Legoland Florida - July 4th

Does anyone on here know what crowds are like July 4th at Legoland Florida? We are planning two nights there during our next trip and trying to decide if we should go earlier in June or if it will be manageable on the holiday?

Unfortunately I can’t answer this but did notice you posted it under DisneyLand which is unlikely to get as many eyeballs on it from Orlando as you’d like. I believe you can edit the topic location by clicking the header…

Thanks!! I was trying to pick just other - I changed to WDW other :slight_smile:

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I went in August, so I apologize for not helping on this specific question, but did want to say that if it rains, the park pretty much shuts down. I would be more worried about weather than crowds.

They also have a fastpass-like upgrade when you can also buy per ride if you don’t want to buy the whole package.

Good to know about the impact of rain - I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on the weather I think I can cancel up to 5 days in advance - but hopefully it will just be afternoon Florida showers if any.

And I did not know about the piecemeal fast pass - thanks!!

Figured I’d post result of this in case anyone wants to know - crowds were totally fine! We stayed at the Legoland Hotel. We rope dropped (which was easy because the hotel is Short walking distance to the park with its own security line) and we walked to the back of park and worked our way forward getting in flight school, driving school and boating school early and then headed to Coastersaurus. The big mistake I made is we should have done Great Lego race first on our way to the back of the park because that was by far the most consistently long line throughout our two days and we never got a chance to ride it - my kids weren’t tall enough to wear the VR glasses on it so it was probably OK to miss it but something to keep in mind.

Day 2 our goal was the waterpark which opens one hour after the rest of the park so we rope dropped again and hit any rides we didn’t get the day before.

We also skipped a lot of the movies and the indoor building activities because they seemed to be the same as our local Lego discovery center so we didn’t waste our time with those activities.

We had a lot of rain during our days that we were there - we were very thankful for our ponchos and stroller cover. But I also think it helped the crowds - we lucked out the first day because the rain was during our afternoon break for the most part and second day after we were done with the water park we just focused on indoor rides until it let up. Because of the rain we were eligible for free tickets to come back for both of the days we were there so that was nice - although since we’re doing Disney this year I doubt we will use them because we won’t have the time.

Lastly the fireworks - they were good - short but festive - we went to the viewing area maybe 45 minutes before showtime and all of the Bleacher seats were gone but there is a big long hill that was perfect it was very easy to get seating so we laid out our rain ponchos and enjoyed the show.

My kids really loved Lego land at their ages of 3 and 6.