Legoland Brick or Treat

Legoland just put “Brick or Treat” tickets on sale. Anyone know how festive or Halloween-y is it? Is the only difference between going to that event a couple of pieces of candy and some Halloween-themed dance parties? My kids are older- probably a bit old for the park to be honest- but DD12 is bummed that she’s missing trick or treating again for travel. While no MNSSHP, is it themed and festive? We fly in the day of the last event, are already staying at the Legoland Hotel to go to the park the next day so could easily make it, but is it worth the cost of an additional day/ticket? (@Jeff_AZ you posted before about your kids at Legoland- ever try this event?)

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I have never tried this event and have only been to Legoland a couple of times. However, my kids absolutely adore the park and the hotel in particular. It’s probably a fun way to celebrate Halloween - they do a really good job making things fun for kids, so I’m sure your family would enjoy it.

Can you shift your days so you are doing something else (Sea World, etc.) to make sure you are at Legoland the optimal time? I really think 1.5 days is plenty at Legoland, 2 days may be too much for preteens.

I’m pretty penned in. Original plan was to arrive late afternoon/early evening and just relax that night before spending a day there and then moving onto our next location. Due to an airline change we’re now arriving before lunch. My kids love hanging out in a lazy river so if I add on the waterpark to the ticket we could kill leftover time there. On the plus side, we probably wouldn’t stay until closing so going Sat night means nighttime in the park they wouldn’t otherwise get.

My advice here is pre-Covid (I don’t even think they had the event last year so probably no one can tell you for sure). If you have already been to Legoland Florida before then you must know that it is no where near anything Disney World or Universal can offer.

Is it worth it? Not really.

If you are a Lego fan then you will enjoy plenty of photo ops with very unique characters that are otherwise unavailable. The Halloween theming is minimal, and the extra activities are just a sad excuse to label it an "event.

This is what was offered in past years:

  • Halloween character photo ops. Plenty, so many that getting a “complete” set is difficult.
  • Dance show. This was surprisingly good actually better than any of the other shows .
  • Candy stations lane. They install tiny houses next to the ski show to do trick or treating. The candy is plentiful but you will be done in 20 mins.
  • Some theming near the entrance (like Lego pumpkins).
  • Activity tables like “help build a spider web”. Pretty lame and no you can’t keep your creations.
  • Dance party that is nothing more than some music and lights, no character hosts or anything.

Last but not least, I would not recommend Legoland to anyone over 10. We are locals and been there many times. Legoland is a weird and annoying park. Height restrictions are all over the place and quality varies wildly. My kids love it but they don’t see the hoops I have to jump through to plan a day that is even bearable.

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