Legoland and Seaworld Crowds

What might the crowds be like on Thanksgiving weekend in Legoland or Seaworld? We are trying to avoid WDW on the highest crowd level days.

Not sure if this will be helpful, but we were at Legoland this past week (Sunday and Monday of Spring Break) and the crowds weren’t bad at all. In fact, we asked several Lego model citizens when it would get busy and they answered that the crowds arrive around noon most days. They said the best day of the week is Sunday (mornings). Despite local schools being out and lots of tourists, the longest wait we had for anything was 15 minutes.

Most mornings you can throw a brick (pun intended) in Legoland or Seaworld without hitting anyone. Much different experience than WDW. You should still try to arrive before opening during holidays because many of the rides have very low capacity.