Legit concern or just FOMO?

I’m once again pondering DVC (as I am wont to do when researching accommodations for a future trip- renting points for a 2bdrm ain’t cheap!). My family really liked BLT and we could manage the resale contract cost okay but it just about hits our limit. My issue is a niggling worry that with all the talk of paid fast pass or lightening pass and the increase in direct points to be a “full” member there could be a distinction coming between blue and white cards for experience perks. I love a good shopping perk but it’s not enough financially to swing the equation- that takes things that materially improve my experience. Part of why I like onsite is that I want the extra low-crowd time in the park and the extended time to make reservations (especially since we go fewer times but stay longer). A compromise of course is direct Riviera but I’d have to buy more points to get that 2bdrm, the dues are more AND those awful resale restrictions…

So, am I being completely irrational about how WDW could dole out whatever their new cut-the-line program could be? (It’s okay to say yes :crazy_face:) I’d wait it out but the timing of the trip (and the time to acquire resale) says if I’m going to do it I don’t have too long.

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Ok- I just looked at what asking price is for a BLT resale contract. Are you sure you would not be happy with OKW, SSR, or AKL? All three of those you could buy direct (maybe an incentive) for almost the same price?

Did I hear that direct at Riviera at 200 points was $181 a point? Was 175 points $182?

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and you can stay at any DVC no matter your home contract you just don’t get the extra time to secure a reservation at other DVC resorts.

I really liked the feel of OKW when we were there for dinner at Olivia’s. It’s pretty.

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With the incentive I believe RIV is now $190. People seem to really like OKW but because I’ve only ever stayed on or near the monorail loop (Poly, SOG and BLT) I’m slightly nervous about anything that is bus transportation only. I’ve considered AKL on the rental to bring down the cost but didn’t realize the direct was so low.

I wonder if my husband would agree to a fact finding mission…

Looking at the availability charts has me slightly nervous about our ability to do that. I really took “buy where you want to stay” to heart. We need the larger space because my kids think grandparents make the trip special but, bless them, they bring a lot of stuff so a split stay would be a logistics nightmare!

OKW does have a longer deed. BR and some others have some advantages but I’m hoping my future grandkids think grandparents make the trip fun and 2042 just isn’t a lot of time for that!

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I believe all DVCs have 3 bedroom villas, is that what you are thinking about. I think @PrincipalTinker was looking at cost. If you could buy more points w/ OKW, enough to cover a stay at a more expensive DVC, you could still be successful. Historically we’ve stayed at bus resorts and were never disappointed w/ the transportation. Now, I do like the skyliner though, but I don’t like Pop, CBR or Riviera. The later seemed very sterile and hotelish. Have you explored all the DVC locations to see which one feels right/good? We all have our own preferences.

I thought the incentive was 11+9. Is that only for current owners?

We love it there

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So you can (very probably) stay on the monorail loop for 165/point direct OKW vs $200point direct monorail loop. That’s called a bargain. Better than AP discount. :wink:

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So the DVC site “calculator” isn’t super friendly (couldn’t possibly be user error) but my point range seems to be 13+5. So I’m at 183/pp for the remainder of the summer.

So I’m hearing I should think more broadly. I’ve added AKL and OKW to my spreadsheet. We’ll have to give some thought to what’s most important to us.

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I know BCV doesn’t have 3-beds. Obviously the Poly doesn’t. And I don’t think BRV has them either.

That said, the points cost for a 3-bed is often (usually?) more than two 2-beds. So unless it’s imperative that everyone be in the same space it makes more sense to go for two 2-beds which would give 4 separate bedrooms plus the living room options.

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drat… I’m a noob and I forgot… or I think I remember hearing that most of Poly is studios???


Yes, other than the bungalows. Which are glorified 2-bedroom villas.


They are pretty glorified though… right on the water w/ hot tub etc. I don’t know what kind of a view there is at that low elevation though?

It’s a great view

But it’s incredibly buggy.

They really screwed up by not enclosing that balcony and hot tub the way they did at the cabins.

Once I saw that I had no desire whatsoever to ever stay in a bungalow.

Cabins, though? Sign me up.


Oh yes, those cabins look amazing!!!

I’m jumping in here because I’m currently in the same DVC boat as HutchFamily. DH and are seriously considering buying resale at AKL. We really want a longer deed. If we go direct, it would be OKW or SSR. He is ALL about the perks. He wants to do a tour again in August when we go (part of me thinks he wants the ice cream!) Here’s my question- I’ve been reading all the posts on here and several other websites (DVCinfo, my dvcpoints…thank you, you guys, for your awesome recommendations!!) and I’m having major FOMO. Do we jump in now or wait a few more months for things to settle down post pandemic? We found a resale at AKL for $133/point for 160 points. From my research, it looks like current studio villas at club level are 158 points. I can’t even wrap my brain around being able to do a CL room! Any insight you guys have would be fantastic!!

Well that’s good because they are hard to get even for owners!

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I suppose I could be helpful too. If you want to purchase direct, I would buy as soon as possible because they are NOT dropping the prices on those.

Prices for resale are currently very high and are rising fast! I don’t have a crystal ball but I would still always recommend waiting for the right contract (available points, use-year, resort). Please also go in knowing that the next couple of years are going to be unusual in terms of availability.

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