Legacy (Platinum) Annual Passes - (A comment/question?)

I know that a while back, some of you (like me) were holding Legacy (Platinum) Annual Pass vouchers offline (i.e. not yet linked to MDE). These were purchased before the pandemic. I think maybe @JJT you were holding some? Recently, I decided to link my 4 legacy passes to MDE because I wanted to be able to view room offers for AP Holders. The link was successful in that the passes now show up in “My Plans” as a “Platinum Pass Exchange”, but they do not show under my “Profile”. I am still unable to view room offers for AP Holders.
I spoke with 2 different CM’s about this (one from the AP Helpline and one from the Internet Help Desk). Both gave me the same story… in order to view the AP room offers, I have to activate my passes. This doesn’t make sense to me, because I won’t activate them until I enter a park, at which point it will be too late to take advantage of an AP room offer. One of the CM’s explained that this is to prevent people (like me LOL) from hoarding AP vouchers so that they can view AP offers and book rooms at the AP discount. I do understand his point. But some day, we will use them when I am sure we will go more than once in a year, which hasn’t been the case in recent years.
Is there any other way to view AP room offers without activating my legacy AP’s?

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Yes I still have a platinum voucher on my account. I’ve always been able to see AP rates since I first linked it to my account.

The story of the CMs are giving you is bogus, but sadly I don’t know any magical way to get it working. I know a few other people have had the same issue but I don’t remember any particular fix reported.

If I didn’t have any options left I think just for kicks I would create a brand new MDE account, friend that account from my current one, then transfer the AP to the friend account and see if You are able to see AP rates from that new MDE with the AP attached. But that’s a lot of work and you might not want to start using a new MDE later but is the only thing that occurs to me that we as users could try. Otherwise it’s just keep calling and hoping you get a CM that knows what they’re doing.


You could book via a TA. It costs you nothing and they can always see the AP rates; you just have to show your AP on arrival at check-in.


Thanks. Is your Platinum voucher labeled “Platinum Pass Exchange” in My Plans?
Do you see it when you click on My Profile?

No, just Platinum Plus Pass.

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That’s interesting. You must have added yours before there were some system changes or something. Here is what mine looks like:

I just looked in my email archive and see I originally linked the voucher Jan 1, 2020. Time flies!

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Seems like a weird way to save money. Spend thousands to save hundreds. I think they’re talking out of their butt.


Thank you! I agree!