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Hi…an enquiry from a brit who is flying into jfk with the family and doing 3 nights there before flying down to orlando to do 18 days in Orlando. As we will have luggage to last us 3 weeks we don’t want to take it all into new york. Thus, can anyone give me information on left luggage at jfk. Have been trying to research but getting conflicting information. Thanks for any help. :slight_smile:

May I ask when you are traveling? You may be overpacking depending on the time of year. Are you staying on property when you get to Disney?
Also, this is tagged for Disneyland but you mention Orlando…

Sorry…its Disneyworld.4 of us are in the family. 4 suitcases. 2 to be stored in left luggage and 2 to use in new york

What time of year are you traveling? If it’s in the milder weather, you can get away with packing a lot less than if you are coming from a cold climate to a hot climate.
We’ve been going in January for years now. We live in New England (usually very cold at that time) and I always seem to pack too much. We do at least 2 rounds of laundry while were at WDW. For a family of three, I could probably get a way with 1 large piece of luggage and each have a carry on. I try each year to pare it down but I haven’t mastered it yet.

I’m just trying to tackle your question from the perspective of simply taking less with you.

I don’t know the answer but you can use the edit tool (the pencil) to edit the topic heading and move it to Walt Disney world. I do not look at categories (always just look at latest) but other people seem to.

I don’t know the answer either, but we take at least 4 checked suitcases when the 4 of us travel ( 2 adults, 2 tweens) for a week, so 4 checked bags for 3 weeks sounds like nowhere near enough. Surprised to hear others think you might be over packing.

Did you look at the JFK official website? One of their FAQ’s says (times are Eastern time zone):

Are there places at JFK airport to store baggage? Regarding baggage storage, please contact your air carrier. There is one baggage storage location on-airport in Terminal 1. Please call (718) 751-2947 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. for pricing and other specifics on storing baggage there.

Thanks all for advice
We are going this july…also sorry as as even with guidance am struggling to put this ino dworld section.
There must be someone out there who has done what we’re planning?! :slight_smile:
As have 2 children didn’t want them to be hauling suitcases around on way and back from ny hotel.

I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to stress you out about listing category! It’s totally not a big deal. Fugetaboutit. :relaxed:

Give them a call per @mkmuzzy’s suggestion. I’m sure they will have the answer.

It’ll be hot in July both in NYC and Orlando. 80’s & 90’s and probably humid. That should influence your packing a bit.