Leaving wednesday for WDW!

so i’ve made my fps for the am each day and have always heard that i can just add another when we are done. but when i go into the tp app, so many of the rides have no more availability as of lunch time…is that correct?

is there a secret to riding some rides twice or avoiding the super long waits…or just checking wait times and running over to the next ride?

That’s the problem with third, forth and more FP’s. The popular rides run out of FP availability most often but not always. Keep checking your Disney mobile app to find when any new one’s become available .

Do keep checking. I was searching this past week and nothing available one minute then 5 minutes later the ride I was looking for became available. obviously the tough ones do not show up as often but they do show up from time to time. I know i released 4 Frozen last week and 2 FoP because we had already ridden one time and my family didn’t want to ride again so people do release them all through the day.