Leaving tomorrow...a few last minute questions

  1. Am part of a MM photo share…how do we know what magic shots/animations/etc to ask for. Does each photographer has a certain set they do base on where in the park/which park they are in?
  2. What is the best way to use the Lines App and the MDE app when I am actually in the park. I use the regular touringplans.com website and the mydisneyexperience.com website at home in the full desktop version. What and how do I use it in the park. I printed mini paper copies of my optimized park plans just in case my phone battery dies half way through the day.
    Is it easy to find additional FP on your phone once you are done your original 3?
  1. I usually just ask the photographer if they do any magic shots. Each one is trained to do different ones, and some won’t do any. Sometimes the photographer will do them without my asking.
  2. I just use the lines app in the park. There’s a choice to view your own touring plans in the app, and you can click off each step as you go or change things on the fly if you want.
  3. Assuming additional FPP are available after you do you used your reserved one, I have found MDE pretty easy to use in booking FPP

Hope you have a fun trip!

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