Leaving the park when MNSSHP starts

Hi all. I have a 6.10pm BOG reservation on 29th August which is a MNSSHP night. Will we be pushed to finish our food before 7pm to leave the park (we don’t have tickets for the party). I know meals only normally take an hour or so (there are 6 of us in our party and one is a slow eater), but will we be put under pressure to leave the restaurant before 7pm, and then the park?

Does your confirmation say a special event ticket is required? They will not rush you to eat but after your meal you will be escorted to the exit.

Hi AuntB. Thanks for replying. Confirmation says nothing about a special event whatsoever and good to know they won’t rush us.
Happy to be escorted to the exit too - just didn’t want to be rushed.

That is very weird since anything after 6 on September 1st had to be booked through the MNSSHP dining link?

I ate at BoG on a Christmas Party night in 2015 when we did not have party tickets. After dinner, a host walked us from the restaurant to the Hub and from that point trusted that we would continue to the park exit. There was no attempt to rush us through dinner.

Our ADR date was 17th February which was when I booked it, and I think the MNSSHP dates hadn’t been announced by then which is why I guess I was allowed to make it the usual way and not through MNSSHP dining.

Thanks @FlyerFan1973.

Hopefully you won’t be rushed and I imagine you won’t be. But fear not, they will be absolutely sure you get out of the park once you’re done haha

What does the hours of operation on that day say now?

You’re welcome!

It shows as closing at 7pm which I think is normal for a MNSSHP night.

I thought it was anything after 6:30?

No, this is what I am talking about:

Sorry, i thought you meant Park times.
I guess I just got lucky. I’ll enjoy our meal and then enjoy being frog-marched off the premises :smile:

Are you planning on getting to BOG before 6:00? I think I would since technically the restaurant is closed to day guests after 6:00?

You are not the only one. I have a 6:10 reservation at BOG on 9/1.

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