Leaving stuff in strollers

So out of curiosity, do you leave things in the bottom of your stroller (obviously, only if you have one) when you go on rides? I was planning on having 3 small day bags. One for each kid, and one that has family stuff. I figured I’d grab mine with me to go on rides, as it’ll have the stuff in it that may be valuable in some way, or at least that would really suck if it disappeared, but I’m assuming the kids’ bags should be fine in the bottom of the stroller, right? Just curious what other people do and your experiences with this. Anyone ever have anything stolen?

BTW, ONE MORE DAY! I just checked in for our flight! YAY!


We always left “stuff” in the stroller. Nothing of value. No Phones, cameras etc. If it is fully replaceable with no heartache / financial concerns - we left it. Always took valuables. All it takes is one jerk


I always keep my valuables in one bag and leave plenty of stuff on/in the stroller I have never had anything stolen at Disney or anywhere else.


There have been posts in chat of items being stolen from strollers. I would only leave items that would not impact my trip if they were stolen.


If you decide to take food items and leave them in the stroller, but sure that they are fully enclosed. I’ve seen squirrels rummaging around in the bottom of strollers looking for and handling unsecured food. :scream:


I packed a very small, lightweight backpack with phone, wallet that I would take with on rides … everything else (diaper bag, kids stuff, ponchos, food) we would leave on the strollers. We even left newly purchased souvenirs on the stroller :grin: never had anything stolen!

Small stuff like ponchos maybe or snacks. 99.9% of people will not steal your stuff but some people will so why take the risk?

Yay have a great trip!
I’m with others: I keep valuables with me in a small backpack which I take on all rides (even EE, ToT, etc). Snacks zipped into a bag and other stuff including souvenirs I have left in the stroller. Not sure I’d leave food just in a ziploc in stroller - I too have seen small animals rooting for snacks (ew).