Leaving park for midday nap POR

We are headed down in January with dd8, dd4, and ds1. We just did a local amusement park here and dd4 was spent by midday and was super fussy at 9 pm fireworks. Trying to factor this into our planning. So how much time should we allot to get from a park back to POR midday and back (we are not hoppers)? Should we try to make it all the way through on short park days (I.e. Animal Kingdom) and just plan to go back on long days with evening events (I.e. EPCOT). TIA!!

I always plan an hour each way. Often it is closer to 45 minutes, but plan an hour. If AK closes at 6:00, I would not try it break for that park.


We usually plan at least 4 hours for breaks. That allows an hour each way (though it was always less on our last trip) and 2 hours for rest/naps/swim. That was when AK closed at 5pm, so we just stayed until they were tired (I aimed for 2pm).