Leaving on Monday! Who's with me?

The day is finally almost here. Trying to finish packing, well actually double check what is in suitcases for missing goodies. Triple checking touring plans. Finally telling our kids we r going later today :blush: It’s all too much . So excited


9 more days for me! So many things still to do, it feels like! Have a great trip!

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We’re leaving on Saturday, but our first actual park day is Monday. I’m finalizing plans as much as possible now and I’ve started gathering items that are on the packing list (I’m a notorious last-minute packer). I’m printing out materials for the scavenger hunt I’m planning for the older niece.

Tomorrow will be when I start to pack things into packing cubes and apply the decals I bought for Magic Bands. Then the bands go on the strap of my backpack. I will go and turn the girls’ long-saved $1 bills into Disney gift cards (I’m steeling myself for the look on the bank teller’s face when I hand them over for deposit… it’s a large stack) for their spending money.

Friday I’ll print out and laminate our in-park TPs, actually pack all of the things into suitcases, and get some last minute primping out of the way.

Saturday morning I’ll get one last gym session in, place our grocery order (Instacart @ Publix, for Sunday delivery) and double check the packing lists before we head to the airport at 12:30.

I unfortunately still have 12 more days till we get down there. For now I’m doing the final tweaking on my plans and starting our final check lists for getting ready to pack our bags. Enjoy your trip and we can’t wait to get down there.

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I’m with you all in spirit

Have a great time guys - enjoy every minute!

I am heading out on Friday Night! REALLY late arrival for me. Taking Saturday kinda slow but look out Sunday!!!

Have a great trip!


with you! :grin::grin::grin::grin: