Leaving MK after DVC Moonlight Magic

I just got tickets for my first Moonlight Magic event at MK in April, which is 10pm to 1am. I will be taking my 80 year old mom! She’s pretty good with walking but I’m trying to decide transportation. We are staying at Port Orleans and will have a car. I would like to arrive to MK around 7. Ideally I’d make a dinner ADR at The Wave and park there but we have other plans for the day and I’m not sure if we would be able to make the ADR. What would be easiest and quickest at midnight or 1am? If we Uber, we would still have to walk to the CR, right? I’ve actually never parked in the MK lot and we rarely go there anymore.

Yes, Uber/Lyft only drop at TTC or CR. Minnie Van - while expensive - picks up from the bus loops. You need the Lyft app to request a Minnie Van.

Thanks. Do you know approx. how long it might take to get to our car from the front entrance of MK if we just use the MK parking lot? I’ve never parked there. It shouldn’t be very crowded upon leaving.

Sorry, I can’t answer that one. I haven’t had a car at Disney in my recent trips.

The problem with MK is that the parking is at the TTC (same if you take regular taxi service, Lyft or Uber - they’ll drop you off at TTC - only the Mini Van service or busses can get close to MK for drop off). So then you’re either taking the monorail or the ferry back to the TTC.

There’s a map here that lays out the MK options: Complete Guide to Parking at Disney World (Cost, Tips, & How it Works)

Has anyone done a DVC Moonlight Magic before? I am going on 3/3 and am trying to get a feel of how crowded it may be.

Are you going to MK? Will you post after? I am going on April. Where are you staying?

Yes MK, I somehow think it will be more crowded than a regular DAH. I really don’t know what to expect, just hope it is not too crazy

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@galuchies_463555 I would also be very interested in your report on the March event. I wasn’t thinking it would be too busy, like DAH, but maybe I’m wrong! @PrincipalTinker I’ll be there on 4/21.

I am going the 28th- weird I know since school vacation is the week you’ll be there!

I am interested in transportation after the event. I will be at WL and I know my husband will not make it late.

Yes transportation is my main concern as I’ll have my mom with me. We rarely go to MK anymore and if we do, we are either staying on the monorail or parking with an ADR. I saw the discussion this week about cracking down on parking at CR and someone seeing cars towed. Hmmm… I’ve also got my SIL and nephew who live in Orlando and may join us at the event. It would be nice if they could park close because they have a 30 min drive home afterwards.

I will be sure to report back how it went. If the crowds are not bad I will stay till the end and check out transportation. I will not be driving and will be relying the busses so not sure if I can help with your specific question @pkitt.

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I have parked at MK many times although not for this event. Leaving at night, you would have to go to the monorail or ferry which I assume would have short lines if it is a lower crowd event. Then a fairly substantial walk (at least as of last summer, unless the construction work is finished at TTC) to the parking trams if they are still running, or all the way to your car. Coming in in the evening, you will probably have to park pretty far out. Honestly with an 80 year old and that late at night, I would spring for a Minnie Van.

For MK after hours this week boats were only running to TTC. I don’t believe the monorail was an option either.

I’m willing to get a Minnie van for convenience. It would be cheaper than a dinner at The Wave! Would I have any trouble getting one that late? I don’t know anything about them. I guess I need to read up.

Could you just get an ADR for one person at the Wave and eat the no-show fee of $10?

For @PrincipalTinker and @pkitt here is a quick report about the Moonlight magic.

So this event was sold out for 3/3. Definately more crowded than a regular After Hours event but not bad. Most rides had wait times of 5-10 mins, excluding the headliners. 7DMT had a 30-45 minute wait for most of the night. It did not have that feel of “having the park to yourself” like DAH but still very low crowds.

There were a ton of meet and greets. A lot of the more rare characters. All the princesses had their prince with them. Even Mickey and Minnie were outside near the castle. Cant tell you wait times cause that’s just not my thing.

The food and snacks were different from DAH as well. They only gave out Mickey bars, no other choices, in only one location. Not several spots like DAH. No carts for drinks, if you wanted them you had to buy it.

What I did not know, you get a voucher for a free quick service meal from 6PM-12. Also, the fireworks were great without enduring pushy crowds.

Overall i was pleasantly surprised, i know you will enjoy it


Thank you for the report! Can you tell me what transportation was available when you left? Is it only buses like after hours?

I have to tell you, I am having a really bad day (no power this morning- no coffee) and I was driving to work and saw an alert about this post pop up. Thank you! You made my day!

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So sorry you are not having a great day, hope things improve. I was in a mass of people leaving so I cant say for sure about the boats but I did not see any monorail. I will be going to after hours on friday so I will check on the monorail and boats then, I am sure they handle it the same for both. Sorry I did not pay closer attention.

No problem! I had read reports that the monorail and boats were running for After Hours but my son did it President’s week and the boats were not running to WL. I will plan for no boats. Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for your report! I had called DVC to get more details before I saw this – I am going on April 21st – and the CM walked me through a bunch of the details. She said there would be free treats and water/soda so I’m disappointed to hear you didn’t see any.

The QS vouchers are good for meals at multiple places – Columbia HH, Pecos Bill, Cosmic Ray’s, Casey’s, Pinocchio among them. Maybe that is where I got the idea that sodas and waters are included – I will have to check.

She said the CM’s would be handing out MM MK maps that showed the locations of all the meet and greets and special offerings – did you pick one up?

I didn’t ask about transportation but I might call back and ask, those are good questions. I know that the DVC site says that transportation will remain open, but I don’t think it said which options.

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