Leaving in the AM.. how's the weather?


I know it rains almost everyday in Florida, but it looks as though what they call tropical soakers are forcast for our trip. 6/1-6/6. Not that I have any control over this, but does anyone have any words of wisdom to allay my fear that rides will be closed. Any insight?


Bookmarked this a while back that calmed some of my concerns about the inevitable and uncontrollable afternoon t-storm



I'd add "bring a stroller cover" to that articles's tips if you'll have a stroller. Stroller parking is pretty much all outdoors, and it's nice to have a cover on it... it also helps keep the seat from getting really hot in direct sunlight too, if it's not clear. We use a light vinyl shower curtain that's trimmed and has holes for the stroller handle... I added bungee ties to a few of the hook-holes to hold the bottom down in wind.