Leaving EMH park prior to lunch? or post-lunch?

On Thursday of my trip, Epcot will have EMH in the morning. On Friday, MK. I was planning to go to the EMH park and stay through lunch, with lunch ADRs at each. Then return to the opposite park (the non-EMH of the two) in the evening.

I’m now wondering if I should plan to stay only a couple hours in the EMH park, transfer for lunch, take a break post-lunch, and then return to the non-EMH park in the evening. I am thinking that this might work out better to make the lunches more pleasant, but is it too much time on the bus that way? We were looking at Coral Reef lunch and BOG lunch.

We will be using only Disney transportation.

So you’d hop, then eat lunch, then take a break? No that’s not a good idea imo. It can take up to an hour to hop, so that’s a really inefficient way to tour.

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Right. Okay, thanks!

We typically don’t eat much for breakfast so after a morning of touring, we are ready for lunch in the park. Then when you are full, it’s a nice time to leave and take a break!

EP has so many good dining choices and MK is mostly about chosing the least worst. I would plan to have both lunches in EP and hop appropriately. I’m not a mid-day breaker.

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Where are you staying?