Leaving car at Epcot?

We will be at HS for EMH on Aug 11 @ 8AM-1 PM then our adult group will walk over to Epcot for the afternoon. We have a reservation at Storybook for 5:30PM. I’m considering having us drop off our car at Epcot around 7AM and walking over to HS in the morning so that we don’t have to return to HS after Epcot to pick up our car again. Is this a dumb idea?

Do you mean to walk from the main Epcot parking lot to Hollywood Studios? That seems like a very long walk. Google Maps tells me it is about 2 miles if you can walk through Epcot - however, I’m assuming Epcot is closed at that time.

You cannot walk from the Epcot parking lot to HS before Epcot is open. Also, that would be a very long walk. Just park at HS, then drive to Epcot lot when you are ready. We drive to all the parks and don’t have any issues. Or take the boat/walk to Epcot from HS, then take a bus to Wilderness Lodge for dinner. After dinner take the bus from Wilderness Lodge back to HS and retrieve your car. Personally I would just drive the car between the parks unless you are planning to spend the evening at HS.

Thanks, I didn’t think about that. I’ll do that.


Wouldn’t recommend it. I remember just walking from BCV to HS because we missed the boat by a minute. The walk was long and very warm in February!!
Question: If you pay for parking at one park and leave, do you have to pay again for parking at the second park? Seems very expensive?

No, you only pay once per day.

Wow! A Disney Deal!!! LOL

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I’m hoping I will get a different day for our Storybook dinner reservation through the reservation finder. I would rather take a boat over from MK.

I sense a bit of sarcasm in this post…

Just wait till they start charging for bathrooms!

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We sometimes to do that on Roller Coaster Tycoon. :slight_smile:

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But only after giving away free drinks, right?

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Ah. That’s brilliant!

All you drink, free.

Wanna pee? $5!

But it’s not recommended for water parks!

You are evil!