Leaky cauldron

When is the best time to eat at leaky cauldron and can u make reservations if u r staying on property?

If you are staying on property you can make breakfast reservations but they usually aren’t necessary. No reservations accepted for lunch & dinner, except at peak times there usually isn’t much wait to order.

This week’s SATURDAY SIX looks at some of the items at the Leaky Cauldron for lunch and dinner.


Thanks … Went over there and read it…can’t wait!

I love that menu! Can’t wait! I hope it won’t be crazy crowded for lunch the first week of June. @miasamone17, did you enjoy it?

So…what is the best time? 10:30am? 2pm?

10:30am they should still be serving breakfast. Leaky is very efficient with guests, so there usually is not much wait before 11:30am.

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Thank you! This is a MUST DO lunch for me. :smile:

We have 10:00 breakfast reservations for 3 broomsticks and Leaky Cauldron during our stay (7/8 crowd levels). Now I’m thinking that the breakfasts will cause us to lose whatever momentum we gained throughout the morning in beating the crowds- thoughts?

We only recommend breakfast in the park if you have 3 or more days, or you are Potter obsessed. Otherwise it’s a waste of touring time.

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We’re onsite for 3 days, and like Potter but don’t qualify as obsessed. I’m more concerned with avoiding as much of the crowds as possible (wrong place to vacation, right?). Thanks for the response. Will most likely forego.

I’d skip breakfast and do an early lunch. I am NOT a fan of the Universal theme park breakfasts.


Agreed, if efficient touring is your goal skip breakfast and do early lunch instead.

I’ll say one thing about USO & WDW, the breakfast prices make DL look positively cheap.