Leading Res question--"tickets not linked"?

I’m still one day out from my FPP window opening for my leading res, but when I tried to book FPP’s just to see if my window was open early, I got a “Not so Fast! We Can’t Find Their Tickets.” I’ve done a leading res before and don’t recall seeing this, even before my window was open. I went in and did re-link my package/reservation confirmation that were already linked, but when I do, it says it is “already linked.”

My leading res is a room only. My actual res is a room and ticket package for the Princess 5K. Actual res booked through a travel agent so I don’t want to fess up that I booked a leading res! Thoughts? Is this the expected message for if my window hasn’t opened yet?

That is the message you will get until a window opens that you have active tickets. It is completely normal!


Oh good, thank you!!

Everything worked fine this morning! Thanks again.

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