Leading a Memory Maker Share


I have done a lot of searching about leading a memory maker share. I have never participated in one, so if I choose to lead one, I want to know everything I can. A lot of old posts point to an ebook that is no longer in print. The one answer I can’t figure out is when to invoice for the share. Any information regarding how to run a share would be greatly appreciated! PS: My dates are mid-September :slight_smile:


I DMed you the old ebook.


@jcgoblue would you be willing to send this to me as well?




Thank you!


If you figure it out and are doing one please let me know if you have room. We will be there 9/19 - 9/28 and are interested in being in a share.


Hello! I’m fairly new here but was wondering if you could also give me the info on how to run a share? I will be ringing in 2019 at EP!!!


Done. :slight_smile:


Any chance for one more? I’m considering trying to start one for December but I’ve never been a part of one either!


Hello! Would you be able to also DM me the ebook?


Could you please send me the ebook? Trying to arrange one for January