Leading a Memory Maker Share

I have done a lot of searching about leading a memory maker share. I have never participated in one, so if I choose to lead one, I want to know everything I can. A lot of old posts point to an ebook that is no longer in print. The one answer I can’t figure out is when to invoice for the share. Any information regarding how to run a share would be greatly appreciated! PS: My dates are mid-September :slight_smile:

I DMed you the old ebook.

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@jcgoblue would you be willing to send this to me as well?


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Thank you!

If you figure it out and are doing one please let me know if you have room. We will be there 9/19 - 9/28 and are interested in being in a share.

Hello! I’m fairly new here but was wondering if you could also give me the info on how to run a share? I will be ringing in 2019 at EP!!!

Done. :slight_smile:

Any chance for one more? I’m considering trying to start one for December but I’ve never been a part of one either!

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Hello! Would you be able to also DM me the ebook?

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Could you please send me the ebook? Trying to arrange one for January

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I would also be interested in a copy. Going to WDW in April 2019.

@kjsprouse, @mustangkimmy, @jfrelack, @VyInDK There is a memory maker share group on FB; there is a copy of the book there even though it’s not as pretty as the one that @jcgoblue has! :wink:
I joined the group Nov 12 and already have my share set up. Thanks to @disneydadben for mentioning the group in a post!


I’m going to be leading a share as well. Does anyone have this ebook also? One question I haven’t been able to find the answer to. Dummy account is set up, mm has been purchased and I’ve linked the accounts of the people in my share. On our accounts, will it show the memory maker or just the leader dummy account shows memory maker. Once the first person takes the first picture at Disney will they be able to see their own pictures in the Disney app (just not be able to download)? Thanks!

Sharing Disney’s Memory Maker (pdf for PC and most devices).pdf (2.2 MB)

@copperdime If I’m reading the ebook correctly, the photos should only show up in the leader’s acct. This is directly from one of the pages: "Sign into the Leader’s
account using the login information the leader provided. As detailed above, DO NOT
on your personal account WILL NOT be reflected in the Leader’s account and therefore
will not be included in the Memory Maker download."

It’s also my 1st time leading a share; I hope this helps!

We could see our pictures on our account, not just on the dummy account. A few pictures from another person linked to the dummy account showed up on our account as well and I never did really know why. Since I didn’t lead our group, I only acquired as much knowledge as I needed to get our pictures. I didn’t figure out the whys of everything.:blush:

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