Lead Guest Cant Go Anymore- What to Expect?

I’m visiting WDW with a group of 6, we are renting 2 studios through Davids. The lead guest on room #2 just told me she cannot make it to the trip anymore. Is it an issue if I just dont let Disney know? I messagedDavids and they said they cant change the lead guest. I just want to know where this could become an issue, are there things i’m not thinking of?

I think as long as a registered guest checks in you are fine. I’ve been the 2nd guest on a regular room and had no problem checking in ahead of the main guest, but with DVC maybe you could call member services and see what they say.

Will they put a $100 hold on the credit card of the lead?

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I doubt this matters if she can just do the early check in via the mobile app. She may need to send you the room number once your room is ready but I haven’t visited an actual check in desk in a very long time. I’ve been several times in the last two years in addition to many dvc rentals reservations. I always just got my room number on my phone app, text and email when the room was ready. Even when I wasn’t the lead guest at the Treehouses Jan 2020 and arrived first I was able to use my magic band to enter the room. So if you have your own Disney account, are also on the reservation I think you’ll get the room number sent to you.

If it were me I’d just verify with Disney (this might be a long phone call).

I should clarify. If she does online check in, it is her account and her credit card. Will she be ok with that? They will put a hold on her credit card the morning you check in.

Will she do that for you?

There’s no need to do online check-in, so I would just have someone on that reservation check in and put their own card on file.

Thanks everyone, i’m going to just try to check in online, and if it works then great… otherwise i’ll get it done in person. Hoping there’s no other issues anywhere else that can come up.

Also does anyone know if I can link different credit cards to each magic band? I’ve only ever gone with my immediate family. Not sure if it has to be charged to the room.

Member services won’t help them if it’s not their own contract.

Best route is to check in online if you can.

With DVC in the past we have had family arrive first - our flight was delayed significantly- desk would not allow them to check in.

One card per Disney account I believe. Everyone has their own pin of course but it all goes to the same card. In the past my mom just reimbursed me but it did take sorting thru the hotel bill

That can be done at the front desk. You’d need to all go and they’ll take a card from each of you and scan the bands.

@jennyturin, you are correct in that you can only do one card per room at online check-in. But front desk can sort out different cards (and spending limits if required).

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