Le Cellier with children?

My husband’s birthday falls during our September trip. I wanted to try Le Cellier, but we will have our 14 yo, 4 yo and 4 month old with us. Our 4 year old is used to eating out and well-behaved. Our 4 month old is a typical baby. I wouldn’t let him scream during dinner, one of us would step outside, but my question is this, is Le Cellier kid friendly? Is there noise in the restaurant or is it very quiet? I know it’s Disney and all restaurants are supposed to be kid friendly, but I just want to make sure we aren’t going to get the stink-eye from other diners when we roll in with our three children. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable during dinner.

I’ve eaten at California grill with two children under 2yo. We made sure they stayed quiet and no one gave us any hassle. I would imagine the same at Le Cellier.

We ate at Le Cellier during prime dinner time with our DD6 and DD4, without any major issues. It was a little quieter, with that “nice restaurant” ambiance, but I did see quite a few little ones there. It was really nice - nice to relax, nice to have a glass of wine, and they still had kid-friendly food. We brought colouring books and stickers for them, too. Have fun !!

And kids get the best dessert option.


I have seen many families there, it is a restaurant in a theme park. Enjoy your dinner!

Thanks everyone! We’re going to give it a shot :smile:

LeCellier isn’t really a pristine, hush-hush kind of place. We’ve eaten there in large groups with multiple kids and have never had a problem. It’s kind of like being in the basement of a castle and with the hustle and bustle of the wait staff, etc. i don’t think anyone would notice a baby being a baby. That being said, you can always let your server know that while you enjoy the experience you’d like to make it out of there as timely as possible as not to disturb other guests. They always have a wait I’m sure they’d be happy to accelerate your “ambiance” to accommodate another set of guests.

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It’s one of our kids favorite wdw restaurants. I think the first time we went, DS was 2.5…was fine!

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Thank you @pixiemichele ! That’s just what I was hoping to hear. Great advice to talk to wait staff. I feel better now!

Thank you @disneyteachers . I’m excited to try it!