Le Cellier vs Monsieur Paul

Trying to decide between Le Cellier and Monsieur Paul in November, two adults and a 7 y/o. I know it’s early but I loving planning!!!

Paging @bswan26, as you are the resident Disney dining expert

And @Kgooch85, it’s never too early to plan. :slight_smile:

@Kgooch85, I have been to both and your are picking some of the best! Unfortunately I haven’t been to either with my children. Most recently this last October we were at Monsieur Paul for an anniversary dinner. My wife and I saw some families with children but far fewer than when we were at Le Cellier. What kind of eater is your 7 y/o? Monsieur Paul definitely has the more adventurous menu. If you can get a window seat, you may have a good view of Illuminations if you time your reservation correctly. As far as ambiance I like them both but think a kid would like Le Cellier more. Also the poutine fries would probably be a big hit with any kid! So… I guess my vote would be Le Cellier.

@hoagy68, Thank you for the response. I am lucky to have an adventurous eater. I agree with you about the fries she (and myself) would love them.

I haven’t eaten at MP but can’t resist an opportunity to say how much I love Le Cellier!!! Can’t go wrong with this choice :blush:

One thing to consider is that MP has a dress code. If you’re touring the park all day and just want to go for dinner after touring without going back to your room, that could be a problem. If you’re staying at the resort and will be going back to the room before dinner, then it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

I don’t think it’s an onerous dress code, but it’s not touring casual, either.

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You can wear t-shirts and shorts according to Disney website. You will be fine as long as the you don’t wear tank tops or swimwear.