Le Cellier or La Hacienda & FEA fastpass time

Haven’t seen Illuminations or Epcot before and it is scheduled for 9:30 pm , have a Le Cellier at 5:40 pm OR La Hacienda at 8pm & try for window view or just wrap up dinner and head outside if inside restaurant doesn’t seem ideal viewing/photos.

Complication is FEA FP at 6:15 - 7:15 pm, and of course there are no other times available since trip is next week.

                     TP given  90 min at LC = FEA at 7:19pm 
                                     80 min at LC = FEA at 7:09 pm

hate to risk not making FEA. Is LC do-able in that time, IF they aren’t backed up and IF we order dinner & desert and have check? What would you do?

With that FEA FPP time I would do Hacienda

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I agreed and then got LC at 7:30pm this morning! Yay, will have to do La Hacienda another time!

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Difficult decision…Another factor you need to add is distance; it’s not like LC and FEA are right next to each other - I’d allow AT LEAST 10 min to get from one to the other. Is it possible? Yes, as long as you are seated on time and the service is efficient (personal experience is yes to both). The good news is that you can be up to 15 min late for an FPP, so that will give you a bit of a buffer.

I NEVER try to time a dinner reservation with IllumiNations. I always plan on eating first and then finding a spot to watch. LH has very few “window seats” and you can be sure that most of the people geting there at that time are trying to do the same thing you are. But unless LH is running way behind, 90 should be plenty of time to eat and exit before the show (and the area between Mexico and Norway is one of my favorite places to watch).

Another factor is the type of dining experience you’re looking for, and the two you’ve picked are quite different. LC is a signature, which means it’s a “high end” steak house; excellent steaks, but at a price. LH has quite good Mexican food at a markedly lower price. I love signature dining and probably do a lot more of it than most people do on my trips, but when I’m paying $50-75 per person for a “fine dining” meal, I want to enjoy it as an “event” unto itself and not have to rush through it to get somewhere else at a specific time. With these data points, were I in your shoes, I would go with LH.

Well, I guess that makes my last post OBE…

Well, in fact, you and I agreed on all points so I appreciate your confirmation. I think for photos and enjoyment I would rather be outside for the show. Also with you on the 2 TS experience and given the resources and reviews I would love to try LC. Thanks again!