Le Cellier and Kids

as now we DH, Me, DD4 and DS7 (who loves steak) are on teh deluxe dining plan. Im trying to talk my DH into trying new places when we go, he loves Biergarden which we will go to, but i was thinking of trying Le Cellier. Has anyone gone with the kids? We are traveling with my MIL and her Sister and im not sure yet if they will be willing to spend their credits here or save them, and if thats the case maybe i can send the kids off with them for dinner one night. there are 100 different ways this can play out… but i was wondering if its worth it for the 2 credits for the kids… what do you think?

I think you have to look at the menu. The only time I have eaten there I paid out of pocket and my meal cost less than my meal at BOG two nights later. Will you want apps for everyone ( my son only ate apps and side?)

“worth it” is a tough question to answer as its quite subjective, but one thing to think about is if you go there and use two credits without the kids, then the kids will have some leftover credits they didn’t use that meal, so you’ll have to figure out how you 'll use those,


Been with a small child, no issues. The filet there, and generally as a cut of meat, is over rated. Still love the pretzel bread

I went as a slightly older kid (10, maybe?) and enjoyed it immensely. I’m still sometimes tempted to order the kids Chocolate Moose dessert. In my experience, even the fanciest restaurants at WDW are very kid-friendly, yours certainly won’t be out of place in the environment if that’s part of your concern. My real problem with Le Cellier these days is that I just can’t be convinced it’s worth two credits for anyone, kids or adults. It’s good, but I don’t think it’s that good.


Haven’t done Le Cel but a couple other signatures and, other than Victoria and Albert, all have been kid friendly. As it was explained to me, it is Disney after all and one should expect kids.

We have talked about this very thing. DS12 is a picky grazer and a 2 TS dinner is often lost on him. We were discussing going OOP for him and saving the credits, planning an extra TS meal for the three adults.

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Exactly. Disney is a family destination, you should expect kids. I think that’s especially true at the restaurants in parks, even the 2 TS. If I very much want to avoid kids, I’ll aim for a later ADR, but even then…it’s Disney. That’s just how it goes.

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While Disney restaurants are child friendly, make sure the children are restaurant friendly…that they can handle waiting between courses, have things to keep them occupied during the meal, don’t mind sitting still, and always be ready as the parent to get up from the table to calm/quiet down a child away from other patrons.

Not to say that your children aren’t complete angels, but if you don’t dine out much at home, they might find all the meals with the DxDdp a big change


We had a wonderful meal and experience at Le Cellier with kids…in 2013 with them DD7 and DDalmost5. They did well, as our waiter brought their food quickly, and we some distractions…colouring, small toys.

It really depends on your kids. For us, the atmosphere was a welcome relief and break from the heat and stimulus of EP…for all of us !

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My husband and I ate there and dropped kids (DD 6 and DS 5) at Beach club child care. I think the meal was great and we did not have to worry about the kids. Used our DP and thought we saved money as we enjoyed EVERYTHING. And yes it is Disney but if there was a screaming baby I would have been upset with spending those credits, paying for child care and then hearing the screaming on my one night with just DH on vacation.