Le Cellier ADRs in August 2017

Hi all. I’m trying to book an ADR for Le Cellier in late August and there isn’t any availability for any time beyond 12th August. I called to check and they said the availability hadn’t been released yet and to keep checking. I’ve managed to book all my other ADRs apart from this one. Is it normal for a restaurant to not release availability at the same time as all the other restaurants?

I don’t have experience w Le Cellier in particular, but otherwise, yes I have seen restaurants load late and had to just keep checking until it opened up.

Thanks @VikeQueen. Nice to know I’m not wasting my time checking every day.

It happens. Seems to be more common with “special” ADRs like dessert parties and dining packages, but it can happen anywhere.

You can always set up a reservation finder for that ADR as well so you have another source checking for you.