LAX to Disneyland shuttles

I searched for topics on this, but didn’t find any recent ones - Has anyone used PrimeTime Shuttle from LAX to the Disneyland area hotels? Any other decent shuttles that don’t break the bank?


Do not use Karmel Car Service

I don’t have recommendations for a good one, as that’s the only one I’ve ever used. And I would never use them again. Lots of actual safety issues coupled with unprofessionalism


There’s a thread here where we discussed transportation options. I have never used a shuttle service and generally don’t recommend them for LAX because it’s too far for there to be a consistent, widely used option like Mears at WDW. But I’m sure it would work. I would check online for reviews. Also check DisBoards.


This was my thread and we decided to try Lyft for the first time ever!

It worked great! There is a map in that thread that @Jeff_AZ shared that was very helpful fir where the pickup location is.


I found this searching about, this is what I’m using while I’m there:

Edit: looks like @mathhound liked it!


They were great! Would definitely recommend and use them again!

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