LAX to Disneyland (Courtyard Anaheim Resort/Convention Center)

Any suggestions on the cheapest option to get from LAX to Courtyard Anaheim Resort/Convention Center? The hotel is within walking distance to Disneyland. Currently have a rental for $171.96 as an estimated total which was the cheapest option from Avis. This hotel charges an onsite parking fee of $15.00 per day plus tax - we are staying for three days. Only myself, and a 15-year-old, and only plan on driving to and from the airport.

If you still want to have a rental car, check out You should be able to do much better than the rate you have from Avis. Keep checking back, and rebook every time you see a better rate.

Many of my friends love Supershuttle from LAX. It will be much cheaper than the car.

If you only need transportation to and from the airport I have used the Disneyland bus, which is very inexpensive, but they have limited times and we have used a private shuttle and shared, all which are cheaper than renting car. We don’t keep a car while at the resort because we have to pay for parking and we never intend to do other things until we leave. If you change your mind and want a car for the day to go to the beach or the like, there is an Alamo in Downtown Disney.

If all you are doing in LA is DLR, you will NOT need a car once you’re at the hotel. Have you checked to see if the hotel has an airport shuttle service? LAX to DLR is a very popular route; I’m sure that there are MANY shuttle services that would be cheaper than the rental car option.

Even Lyft and Uber are cheaper than that.

T/A recommended Karma Coach. We will take the Disney bus from LAX to Paradise Pier but since we are taking the redeye home we need another way back to LAX. I think the estimate for the two of us was $44. Does Supershuttle pick up at the hotels and is it less expensive.

I’m looking to boost the Disneyland Resort Express. Does anybody know where I might be able to find a promo code? There is an option on the form, and it never hurts to ask.