Lax to Anaheim?

Best way for a family of 5 to get from Lax on Dec 24 to Hotel Indigo in Anaheim? Shuttle,.uber, taxi?

Lyft or Uber would be my preference, but you might have to price out how much it would be for a family of 5. Supershuttle is available as well.

With a family of 5 and the “flexible “ pricing of Lyft or Uber, I would just book a shuttle. I like to know ahead of time what I am going to pay and that the vehicle will hold my family AND our luggage.
Enjoy your holidays at Disney!

Agree that a shuttle service will probably be an easier route for a family of 5 + luggage.
While I’ve never used any of them, some I have heard mentioned before are Lansky Enterprises Transportation and Karmel Shuttle.