Laughing Place and Tom Sawyer Island questions

I’m planning a trip with a 3 year old, a 6 year old and a mobility impaired grandma in Mid-March, I had a couple questions about Magic Kingdom.

  • Is the Laughing Place near Splash Mountain currently open? Is it ECV accessible?
  • Tom Sawyer Island seems like a great place for the kids to blow off some steam. I’ve read conflicting things about ECV/wheelchair access. Some say that the rafts can accommodate ECV/wheelchairs, but the island can’t. Looking at videos though, parts of the island look navigable. Could we give it a shot? Or will cast members stop us in our tracks.

Thanks in advance,

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It’s been a few years, but I used to sit at the Laughing Place and watch my toddler go nuts in there. Iirc you could get an EVC in there, but with all of the kids running around, I’m not sure she’d want to be “in” the Laughing Place itself. However there were a set of benches and she could easily be on the other side and look in. I haven’t heard if it’s open or not.

As far as the island, pre-covid, I’ve personally seen some EVC’s at DLR version, but not WDW. From what I’ve seen they’d ask her to switch to a manual wheelchair and she’d have to get up to navigate the transfer between chairs and also the steps to get out of the dock area on the island itself. It could have changed since then, but I haven’t heard if they have.

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Disney’s site lists Tom Sawyer Island as “must be ambulatory.”

I haven’t found anything about Laughin’ Place yet. Except it does get mentioned on Disney’s page for Splash Mountain.

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The Laughing Place was closed in late January.


Dang it. Thank you for the helpful info though.

Yeah it was kind of sad. :disappointed:

The queue at Pooh had a small play area for the kids to run around and explore. Not sure it’s open, it looks like they are trying to discourage places with a lot of “touching” the area…but who knows!

It’s not open. All the hands on play areas have been closed off since Covid.

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