Latest possible arrival for Fantasmic?

Going to do Fantasmic dining package. Trying to maximize ride time in HS and DS has challenges waiting, so can’t sit more than 15/20mins anyway. What is the latest we can arrive for the show. Just 2 of us and happy to sit further back.


I don’t think they ever stop people from entering unless the theater is completely full?

Can anyone confirm?

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That’s what I was thinking but it might also mean that @WendyMichaelJohn night not get dining package seating, right?

For sure, but they did say they didn’t mind sitting further back.

Not worth the dining package if the plan isn’t to arrive minimum 30 mins before showtime.

But I got the sense that wasn’t all that important


I am hoping we will still be in the reserved section because it’s in the middle - even if far back.

We can probably get there 15/20mins early.

I doubt this happens. They most likely start filling in the reserved sections as the show time gets closer. I know that happened to us with RoL one time.


This is right. After a set time, probably about 30 minutes to go, they’ll presume that the rest of the dining packages are going to be no-shows, and then give that area away to “standby”


I have done the Fantasmic! Dining package 2X (Sept 2023, Dec 2023) and arrived 15-20 minutes early both times. My DD and I sat in reserved section 2nd row in Sept and 10th row in Dec. I think a lot of people prefer sitting outside of the splash zone.

There was still lots of seating in the reserved section and you avoid walking up to the theater in a huge throng of people since you get to take the left side path reserved for dining packages.

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How far does the splash zone extend?

Do you know the crowd levels when you visited?

I don’t think they do this for this show. The last time I saw it with a dining package they were still filling in the edges of standby when the show started. There was plenty of space around us they never filled in.


I think the first 5 rows or so are considered to be an area where you’ll definitely feel the mist. At the show in December it was pretty windy and we got misted even in row 10. In September it was a really calm and hot night. I don’t recall getting wet that night.

Crowd level in September was a 3 and in December was a 4.