Latest park maps anywhere?

I’m trying to locate some downloadable up-to-date maps of the parks (including restaurants/attractions etc) but can’t seem to find them. (eg

There are a lot of older maps about, some from last year too, but they don’t have all the latest information in them. (eg The above linked Hollywood Studio map has Star Wars stuff, but not “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular”)

Does anyone know where I could get hold of the 2017 versions of the maps?

Sure - here are links to the current park maps:

EP: (This link isn’t working right now for some reason)




Hrm for some reason none of those download links work for me. They appear to start downloading but then the transfer is “interrupted” and then it fails.

Ok, eventually managed to get the 3 “working” links. Took about 20 attempts on each link though. Something really off with that site!

Thanks for the links. Just need to get the Epcot one now!

After several tried I got the AK file to oprn, but the others kept giving me “failed to load” messages. I gave up after about 5 tries on each.

It usually takes me around three tries to get the maps to load - YMMV. However, the Epcot one appears to be truly broken.

Downloadable maps are available on the WDW Website
Go to the parks tab and on the drop-down, selet the park you want. Just under the “Gallery” picture is a link to a download a printable map. Here are the direct links to the maps (although I won’t know if these work from outside of the shell until I post this reply and tests them).





Edit: Yep, they all work :slight_smile:


All bar the Hollywood Studios one! :slight_smile: