Latest grocery delivery recommendations?

Last trip was in 2017 and we did a Garden Grocer delivery and also ordered diapers and stuff from Amazon - but yay we are diaper free this trip! Anyway been noticing some mention of PrimeNow and Instacart - what’s working the best these days?

And for PrimeNow or Instacart - seems like maybe I should go delivery window while not on airplane so I can respond to replacement questions? Would you get delivered before arrival?

In case it is relevant to the advice we are staying at AoA and arriving around 10pm so was hoping to get groceries delivered to bell services that day and pick up after we arrived. Will mostly be breakfast stuff. Thanks!!

Following this post, we previously did Garden a Grocer - great service, steep prices. Planning to do Prime Now this time around at the cabins. I have read many accounts that it works well.

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We do Prime Now every trip. We were loyal Garden Grocer customers for years, but there are two huge advantages with Prime Now: price and delivery slots. On average I think we save almost 1/3 by using Prime Now compared to Garden Grocer, and there are so many delivery slots available that we can literally choose on the day which slot works best for us. They also have a great selection (now including beer and wine).

We did try InstaCart once, but they left several things out - I guess they were out of stock but nobody tried to contact us to see if we wanted to substitute for anything else. That put me off, and with Prime Now working as well as it does, I really have no reason to go anywhere else. :slight_smile:

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We had a great experience with instacart, but that might be dependent on the person shopping. I believe there’s an option to let them make appropriate substitutions without contacting you if you feel comfortable with that. We ordered pretty basic things (bread, deli meat, yogurt, fruit) and had no issues.

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Any advice on delivery timing? I assume they will deliver to bell services and I don’t have to have checked in yet?

Yeah - I am a regular Instacart customer at home and I can attest to that! It generally goes well though and I like the ability to preselect subs - I am noticing I can’t do that on primenow.

Did you have yours delivered to Bell services?

Yes, they dropped it off with the front desk. We planned on walking over to pick it up but bell services was already outside our door delivering, so it worked out perfectly for us.

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We always have ours delivered to Bell Services just before we arrive, so we can collect it along with our Owners Locker. Works great. We also tend to re-order some items half way through our stay. I place those orders when we sit down for lunch in the parks, and grab them on our way to the room when we go back early afternoon. :slight_smile:

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