Late September Early October Trip 2020


It has been many many years since my last trip to WDW. Typically we visited in January as coming from Australia that suited my kids school commitments best however now we are not limited as to when we can come and I am trying to work out a good time. We all hate really hot and humid conditions but rain doesn’t bother us at all. We would probably spend three weeks all up so I am thinking late September into early October. Would love some feedback on what the weather is like at this time and what crowd levels are like.


September is one of the hottest months of the year in Orlando and it can still be very hot and humid towards the end of the month. If you want guaranteed milder weather, then you should probably aim for the January time frame. Other months can be nice but in the fall there are pretty high crowds to contend with. Plus, September/Oct is peak hurricane season, so that is always a risk


September is typically lower on the crowd end.

This is time for Food & Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, as well.

This is also hurricane season.

Heat and humidity will still be a factor.


Thanks a lot for the input perhaps we should go in Jan/Feb, just really concerned about everyone saying that these months are now really crowded. I don’t want to come off as rich and entitled because I am not but as we travel from so far away we like to come for three weeks as we probably wont get back again for a long time. It is really hard to find a three week window of relatively quiet crowd levels. I know in January there are the marathons and Martin Luther weekend. I guess I should just stop worrying and suck it up. With that much time we can get up early and do rope drop and have fun regardless of crowds. Sorry rambling a bit just kind of thinking out loud.


Late oct last year in Orlando we had one afternoon that was 90-92 degrees. Most days were 85+. Dec is 75+.

Depending on what you are used to as far as humidity, I don’t find late Oct or Dec humid. I’m also from the mid Atlantic US where we get very high humidity very often thru the summer months.