Late Night Snack/Meal

Anyone have any recommendations for somewhere to grab a snack after a late arrival? Our plane is scheduled to land at 10:30PM. We are using transportation to Cabana Bay. I anticipate getting to the resort around midnight, but my husband is diabetic and will need a snack prior to bed. Anyone have any ideas how to get something without going out to City Walk?

Resort pizza delivery until midnight sun - thurs and until 1am fri and sat. Think rest shut at 11. If you post on uni chat via uni lines app there are a few liners stayed there recently who might know more. Eating at airport and bringing another snack /sandwich in your carryon might be an option.

Bring something just in case. We got in late at Portafino and there wsan’t anything

If flying in US put an orange in luggage. Also cam get protein bars.

Thanks all for the ideas. I was figuring that we might just have to pick-up something at the airport or pack it. Maybe it will be something to do while we are waiting for our ride to show up.

If you are arriving late to MCO - pack something PRIOR as most shops are closed. We got in around 11, and although we weren’t hunting for a place - everything looked closed.

Good info, Thanks! Plane is suppose to land at 10:30, but it sounds as though that may even be too late.

As he is diabetic - I wouldn’t chance it.

oh most definately agreed! We are just getting his sugar back under control, no hospital trips allowed!

Fortune favors the prepared

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety. ~Proverbs

Thank you so much for your help. I know that it will only make our trip better!


Have a great time!!!