Late night SDMT FP?

I’m helping a friend plan their spring break trip and with the extended times, I could grab them SDMT at 10:30 pm, but obviously that means they have no chance at 4th FP throughout the day. But with 7 people (even with a split group) on a solid 10 day, is that even something that would work for them?

Right now I have a 2 pm PPF for them as their last FP with the hope that they can modify after that. But I can’t see a good way for them to ride SDMT without being at the park at 7:15 for an 8 am opening. And that’s really early for teenagers. If they arrive closer to 7:45, I think they could do PPF without much trouble and then do a SDMT at 10:30 to close out their night. (Park’s open until 12.)

If they don’t mind standing in line for the last ride, I would keep the PPF FPP so that they can get more passes. I had a group of six on a CL10 and still used 6 passes. It did take splitting the group and booking overlapping times but it was super valuable when it came to avoiding long lines.

It may also depend what their priorities are too, though. For example, with my group, we were getting passes for things like Buzz and MTP. Since we had a little one with us, we didn’t do Space Mountain or BTMRR. (We did do 7DMT and Splash).

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I’m really worried that they won’t be able to get more passes, but I’m glad to hear that your group could. I’m telling them to hit all the big things first and with their FP, so they’ll be looking for 4th FP stuff like Dumbo, Pooh, Magic Carpets.
I was originally planning for them to jump in the SDMT line right before park close, but now that’s not an option and I’m afraid it’s going to lead to a 90 minute wait. But then again, 1 90 minute wait is better than multiple 45 minute waits.

You read my mind. If they will be aiming for the secondary rides, I would be surprised if they have a problem getting them. Hardest for us was Pooh, but I was still able to get them and then actually drop them (we ran a little later with dinner than planned) and get another set.

The only issue I would see is them giving up on the refresh trick. It can take a few minutes, but 5 minutes on the app is far better than 40 in line.

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Have you looked at this?

I think I read somewhere that an updated one will be coming soon.

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This is great! Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve been trying not to overwhelm them with information but I just talked to her and gave her a few options. We’ll be keeping their FP and planning on a mid-day break from 3:30 to 7:30 or so. She thinks they’ll be able to go until midnight if they do that, which I’m sure will help with lines. I’m also hoping that the kids will think refreshing the app is a fun little lottery game (that’s totally how I view it). And I’m living vicariously through them a bit so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m at home refreshing for them. (I’m logged in on her MDE now.)

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I have seen that and I’m making them a custom touring plan. I’m just trying to ‘worst case scenario’ everything since I won’t be there to help them change course when things go awry.