Late night FOP — how's the queue?

I’ve only done FPP FOP and I feel like I’ve missed out on an important part of the experience. I’m not willing to rope drop, so I wondered what the line is like if you join it just before park close. Has anyone tried this?

It was 75 minutes last week. And the queue is 100% worth it.

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I could live with 75 minutes. Give my dinner time to digest while I’m waiting!

Honestly I would wait longer if I had to. That queue is totally worth it. I had my FP+ after I’d ridden it twice going through the queue and realized how much I missed. The FP+ “queue” really gyps you out of the whole experience IMHO. I feel sorry for people who will only do it FP+. They have no idea what they are missing.


This is a concern I have about FPPs and Express Passes in general. Sure you get to do a tonne of rides with minimal queuing, but what do you miss out on?

I’ve looked (not very hard) for a website that lists which lines are worth waiting in and which are not. I think this would be a useful resource.

For example, from what I saw as I whizzed past the people in the regular line, the queue at Na’vi is not worth joining. It’s hot and crowded and there’s not much to see.

Jumping in line just before park closing is a great way to go. You will have to wait but at least it’s not during valuable park time. We did this and the wait time listed was 160 minutes (and my kids and I were willing to wait that long); it actually took about 90 minutes. And it was awesome to walk through AK after the ride because the park was closed and there were very few people. The FOP queue is worth seeing.

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