Late night eats at HRH

Hi - for my upcoming trip, I’ll be getting to HRH around 9-9:30pm with a couple kids. Just wondering if anything there is open that late for a quick bite to eat. I believe places at City Walk are open, but seeing if I can stay put.

The Kitchen will still be open, not sure if you’d need reservations at that time.

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Will it be a HHN night? I know the QS at the resorts usually stay open late on those nights.

Also during HHN they have a limited late night room service menu until like 3am everywhere that has room service.

Thanks eveyone - my trip is right after Halloween, so don’t think HHN is going on. Kitchen could work. It closes at 10pm so I’ll be cutting it close, but good to know it’s there.

Late Night Dining - Rsm Hrho late night dining is available all the time, it looks like

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Awesome! Thanks