Late March/Early April MM Share

I’ve got a couple people from the Liners April May 2020 group that are coming together for a MM Share. We have 4 families and would love maybe 2 or 3 more if anyone is interested. I’ve run a couple shares so know my way around.

If you haven’t done one before, happy to answer questions, but in a nutshell this is just a chance to cut down on the cost while still enjoying access to all your photopass photos.

Do you have a full group already? I’m interested. Going 4/10-4/17.

Hi! We are not full yet - welcome aboard. I’ll send you a private message so you can send me your email. Let me know if you have any questions.

We’ll be there 4/13-4/18. Going to be our first family trip, so haven’t done this before but would love to hear more info if you don’t mind…

Absolutely! In a nutshell memory maker is a Disney product that lets you have access to all of the photo pass pictures you take on your trip. This includes ride photos as well as pictures taken by the photo pass photographers throughout the park and in the studio if you visit the studio at Disney springs.

Basically a memory maker package is $169, which allows the owner of the share 30 days to downloads any photos that are in their My Disney Experience account.

A memory maker share is when a few families get together to split the cost. In this case I would lead the share. I have a secondary Disney account set up for this. Essentially I would purchase the memory maker and host it on my secondary account. I share the password to this account with everyone who is part of the share. All of us would connect to my secondary account as friends so that we could share photos. Then after we travel, everyone can logon to my secondary account and download their family’s photos.

It is just a way to cut down on the cost of memory maker while still getting the pics.

Too concerns people have: yes, there is an element of trust. However this is my fourth share (led 3) and I have yet to have any problems. Yes, it does mean other people will see your vacation photos, but you’ll see theirs too.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

If the share isn’t full I would like to join. We will be there April 14-18.

Hi! Waiting to hear back from a couple. Will let you know one way or the other.

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Also interested in joining! We’ll be there 3/28-4/4

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@fcoffey I think @mayzumrn joined another share. I just messaged her to double check l. If that’s the case, we’ll be all set with a spot for you in ours. Will let you know tonight @mrsrobni I think we are full, but I’ll let you know if someone backs out. I know @bigsar1 is also putting one together. So there might be a spot available there too.

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Yes, my bad. I accidentally responded to 2 groups and the same time. And I’ve been caught up with work and kids all day. I’ll go with the @bigsar1 group since you have someone to take my place.
Thanks for understanding. I’m new to this.

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Are you still interested? We had one back out!

Yes, I am still interested! :grinning:

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Any room left by chance? We’ll be there 4/8-4/13.

We are full - but definitely keep eye here, in chat, and in Facebook. I’m happy to share info on how to organize if you get a group together but don’t have someone willing to organize. It really isn’t hard.

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