Late July vs early/Mid August Crowds Due to Star Wars Opening

Anyone have an opinion – Late July vs. Early/Mid August crowd levels due to Star Wars Opening…? Anyone have a thought which will be better crowd wise? Thinking Late July now… due to the Star Wars opening…

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I don’t think there will be much difference between them. I wouldn’t expect crowds to ramp up for SW more than a few days before it opens.

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Do you guys think that the crowd levels at Universal will be up because of the opening of SWGE, or just the Disney parks?

Disney pricing is regular for last week of July and 2 & 3rd week of August. Peek for the first week of August. I don’t see it busying up for GE its too early and most people planned for a later opening - plus its only 1 ride.

I wonder when and if they will start testing SR and how they choose the riders - anyone have any experience of this?

Hmm I’d guess Universal may be slightly busier.