Late in the Day FP in TPs

So, I’ve hit something recently where after 2 or 3 in the afternoon if I schedule the touring plan to grab a FP it will pick up one that Is immediate. Initially I was sort of like, wow, this is really rolling smoothly, but then it started to seem a little too smooth–walk on FP for RSR at 6:40 pm was the one where I realized something is broken. When I went back and looked at my plans I realized there were several FPs that I’m fairly certain just a couple weeks ago would have said that FP info was unavailable, that now give this FP window that starts on the closest 5 minute mark to when you pull them. Has anyone else noticed this? Any suggestions?

Unfortunately on the DL side of things, TP is not nearly as accurate as WDW (since I have never been to WDW, I only know this bc of reading all the posts on here). As a result, most of us that do TP, use them as a guide or check list. The reality is that you will probably will be able to to far more than the TP thinks you can. You are correct in thinking something thing is up, TP has a tough time predicting FP return times and MP has increased this discrepancy. The key is to rope drop which ever park you will be at. I personally recommend if you are wanting to get on the headliners and can afford it, get MP.

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