Late FPPs

Hey there everyone,

I took everyone’s advice and didnt listen to my SIL who was suggesteing we split up the FPPs. The problem is that I waited too long to switch my FPPs and I now have significantly later fast passes than I had hoped. We have one as late as 3:30-4:30.

I am sitting here refreshing the app, over and over and over. Is that a waste of time or could I actually snatch an earlier time for 4?

I wouldn’t sit there all day and refresh but I would check back a couple times a day every day. People change plans all the time and you might have better luck closer to the trip on even day of.


Phone is about to die but making progress, woohoo! Still not great but managed to move up SM by 70 minutes and BTMR by 60 minutes. Will keep trying!!


When I am trying to modify FPs I check a few times a day. I have had some success in the past so it’s certainly not a waste of time. Obviously the more times you check, the more likely you are to have success, but that had to be balanced against the time commitment of checking.

Ha, that wasn’t your old one I nabbed on 21st October was it? I was trying to modify mine later so I could move one for Splash that was bumped up against it!

Keep trying! I got 2 each for 7DMT, FoP and SDD all well inside 60 days and various “smaller” ones much later even.

There are a couple of trackers that may help: