Late FP+ or 60+min Standby

On our last trip I was able to snag some 7DMT FP+ a few days prior to the trip. The problem was they were for 7:30p which we preclude us from being able to obtain 4+ FPs during the trip. The plan was to arrive at rope drop, ride 7DMT and then drop the FP+. Of course the kids were late getting out causing us to be late arriving. We were at the end of the line about 5 minutes after rope drop. The T app said estimated wait at 60min (although I thought it was already longer than that). I wasn’t willing to wait with a FP+ already in hand.

My question - is it better to suck it up and wait 60+ minutes and drop the FP+ so you can get 4+ earlier or do you forgo the 4th FP and use the 7:30p FP? I know this is really an opinion on whether the ride is worth a 60min wait, but we had 1 in our party who had never ridden so we did want to ride. In my opinion it not worth 60min or a 7:30p FP time and I would have not done either. It also helps that we are AP holders and knew we’d be back in 6 weeks.

Tricky as if you were still there close to opening other rides have short walks you could do a lot of Fantasyland without fastpasses. I would not have waited in the line in the morning and maybe tried to modify the 7:30 FP earlier or after you used the first 2 see if there was another ride you would rather modify it to and see if everyone wants to give up 7d for for it. Depends on how long it’ll wake are and if you could still get a fp for them.


Definitely modify the 7:30PM to an earlier time. The hardest part to getting a same-day FPP is just finding any time that FPP is available for the ride you want. Once you’ve got it, you can modify to your heart’s content and grab an earlier time every time you see it. Might take a while, but just do it a few minutes at a time whenever you are standing in line. You might be able to move that 7:30PM to a 1:30PM.

I figure it’s always better to have the ride I want but for the wrong time than to not have it at all.

And don’t forget to try to modify before you even go on your trip. You might get lucky and snag an earlier time then.


@heidelj do you think it’s easier to modify a FP to an earlier time or a later time? I have a SDD FP for the morning but I want to move it to the evening.

I would expect it would be easier to move it later. I normally don’t try to move them later, but when I’ve gotten extra FPP, I’ve normally found times for later in the day for the ride I want and then modified earlier until I got as early as possible.

Following, as I have a similar question/situation…

This video should help to understand the difference in when you go in the morning.


The only ride I’d be willing to wait 60+ min for is FOP. My 4 and 6 year olds are not good long-line companions :slight_smile: I’d keep the FPP for 7DMT if you really want to ride it. Like other have said, you may be able to modify it to an earlier time.

On the other hand 7 Dorfs has probably one of the single most entertaining queues in WDW. If I’m going to be stuck waiting a long time in any queue, this is probably the most fun one.