Late FP+ for Flight of Passage

We have a late FP+ for Flight of Passage - 6:50-7:50P on a night when closing is at 8P.

We also have dinner at Boma at 5:20.

Does anyone know if they’ll keep the FOP line open until 8P (or at least 7:50), or does it close off once they’ve reached capacity that will take them beyond closing time?

Ideally, we’d like to see the Rivers of Light at 7:30, then use our FP at FOP. But I don’t want to risk missing our chance to ride FOP.

If our FP window goes to 7:50, will it absolutely be honored until that time?

Bruce in PA

You will be able to enter the FP line right up until the end of your window.

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I just read on a different thread that at end of day you’ll get on FOP–and with a much shorter wait–if you get in line even 1 minute before AK closes. Which makes me think that as long as you’re there before closing you could even do it without the FP+