Late for ADR... How long will hold or charge?

Running a little late for ADR… How long will they hold it for us before charging credit card?

I’m not sure, but I think I would call and let them know I was still coming.

The party line is that they will hold it for 20 minutes. At Sanaa in May, they sat us even though we checked in at least 30 minutes late. We had to wait, but they did seat us and were perfectly nice about it.

They will keep you on the list for a long time, you just get bumped down and will need to wait. I don’t think they will charge unless you really don’t show at all.

I have read some reports of people being charged after 15m- if you show they can reverse that- just watch for it on your card. Depending on the level of business and the restaurant many times being late is no big deal. But say a character meal or super popular place it could be an issue. I’ve seen late folks wait a LONG time, other times pop right in!