Late flight arrival, hotel for one night, help!

I am normally a road tripper & we don’t fly. This trip for spring break, we are flying. We arrive at MCO at 10:45 pm on March 25. It will be my kids (12 & 15), my mom & me. Mom is 75.

I have questions, was researching my options & decided to ask the experts:

What transport would you use to get from MCO to your first hotel?
Would you stay on site or at a cheap local hotel?

Aventura would mean:
-we could choose to add transportation from MCO with our package as I have never used a rideshare
-no transport cost to RPR on Sunday, we can walk the path.

Holiday Inn would mean:
-arranging transportation from MCO-hotel upon arrival
-an Uber/Lyft to RPR not scared, just not confident as I live in a town with 2 stoplights
-save $200 minus whatever the extra transportation would cost.

You all are fabulous and so very appreciated!

I like the Hyatt Regency at MCO, the hotel right inside of the airport, especially for a late arrival like that. Flop into bed just steps away from deplaning and bag claim. Relatively affordable, and easy to get transportation in the morning at whatever time you’re ready to go. Plenty of quick service food options for breakfast as well.


Have you checked one of the Universal Endless Summer hotels? You could get a family suite for one night there. Not sure how that compares to Aventura in terms of cost.


I checked rate at Universal and even Endless Summer is $200+ (Spring break prices!!)

First, I completely understand your hesitation about a rideshare. I used to be the same way. However, now that I’ve done them a few times I’ll never go back to taxis or shuttles. It’s like having a private car pick you up and drop you off at your doorstep. (Especially since you are arriving late at night!) It’s so simple and SO MUCH cheaper than the other options. I typically pay $35 to get from MCO to a Universal hotel - never more than $40

However, if you really don’t want to do a rideshare you can get a taxi. You’ll pay double, but if you are more comfortable that way then the cost isn’t an issue. You can’t put a price on piece of mind.

I really don’t want to recommend a shuttle so late at night. You never now if they’re going to be there when you arrive or if they have to wait until full to leave or something.

Download the Uber or Lyft App and play with them. You can go through all the steps to book a ride and then cancel before paying / confirming. You’ll see how easy it is! Also, you can input your credit card info into it and have it ready when you arrive at MCO.

Personally, I prefer to not have to handle a lot of logistics when I am with my family and acting like the “host”. You are going to have your hands full managing three people and their vacation needs. If you can afford it, I’d go directly to the hotel I am already planning on being at for the duration of my trip.

You are already going to be getting in very late. You probably won’t get into your hotel until after midnight. Now, if you go to an off-site location you “have” to get up to check out in the morning after a short night of sleep and get everyone ready to relocate again. Your new room won’t be ready, so you’ll have to drop off your bags and then come back later…

I know vacations are expensive, but sometimes it’s worth the extra cash to have everything go smoothly and easy. If you go to your on-site hotel you can wake up whenever and start your vacation at your leisure.

It’s going to be busy at the parks & hotels the first morning. That’s another factor to consider when thinking about where to stay on arrival.

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You seriously addressed any concerns I could have possibly come up with.

I am game to try a rideshare, I just want to do it with confidence so the other three don’t worry! :joy:

You are exactly right about feeling in control with a solid plan when you are the host. I am absolutely obsessive with plans, back up plans & knowledge by the time we are on I know I don’t have to make touring plans, but indecision ruins vacations for us, so if we flounder, there is always a plan to lean back on.

I can’t thank you enough!


Thank you! Yes, it was not entirely different than Aventura.:grimacing:

So many of us here feel exactly the same. Nothing bothers me more on a vacation than me asking, “What would you like next?” and getting this response… :man_shrugging:


This is helpful! I will check into it, even if I change up my plans, it may be a good option before we fly out. Thank you!

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