Late Fall deals

Last year we booked a late fall deal, stayed at Pop 12/8-12/12. I’m having the brilliant idea to maybe try to swing another December trip this year but there’s no way I’m paying $3500 for a week! That’s insane.
It was no where near that expensive last year when we booked.

Granted, I’m picking a moderate resort this time, as I don’t want to do Pop again. And we bumped up our meal plan a step. But that big of a price difference?? We paid less than $1500 last year for the room, MP, and PH tickets.

So my actual question is, do they release “fall” deals or am I losing my mind lol

There’s likely some Room Only discounts coming out soon. Free Dining has been out for some time so availability is limited.

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We’d be going the week before free dining. I think it starts the 15th in Dec. I actually looked for going that week, but then you run into Christmas crowds towards the end of the week. With a 2 year old in tow, I’m trying to avoid that :smile:

So you are doing the standard dining or deluxe?

I think we may try the deluxe this year. Last year we did the standard - 1QS, 1TS, and 1 snack. We were a days worth of meals short in the end. So I think we’ll try the deluxe this year and see if it’s any better. Plus, our daughter is too little for her own plan… but I’d share with her. So I know we used up more credits that way.

If you’re DD is too little for her own plan, I might suggest sticking with the standard plan. Deluxe is A LOT of food. And unless you plan on hitting up some signature meals, CRT, or several character meals, you might still do better on the budget to just pay out of pocket for those less expensive meals anyway. You could get Disney Gift cards from target (5% off) and use them for the “out of pocket” meals.

That would bring your costs down significantly too.

Well I think we want to do a few more character meals. That was the other thing we ran into too… is that we’d do a character breakfast and then a sit down dinner somewhere else. So we were using more table credits then QS.

I wish there was a way to customize your own plan!

I would only suggest pricing out the meals manually and seeing if you might not come out ahead just paying for them OOP. The deluxe plan is super pricey. I thought our trip last year was going to hinge on us getting free dining and in the end I added everything up and we saved $300 over paying for the standard plan, and that included a nearly $200 meal at California Grill.

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Fall deals released today!!