Late Fall AP rates out

This fall, stay in the middle of the magic with this special offer for Passholders!

Make the most of your Pass and discover festive seasonal decorations and special events throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

Sample rates valid for stays in a standard room or studio most nights October 19 to November 21 and November 29 to December 11, 2014.

Check availability for other great rates for stays most nights September 28 to
November 25 and November 29 through December 23, 2014.


Thanks for this. I think we need to add a special “discount” alert to the dashboard for AP holders.


What is the discount %? We are contemplating upgrading to APs on our next trip and this info would be VERY helpful!

Does this help? Apologies for the cruddy screen shot.

Coincidence? CM said for my week the only resorts w discounts available are the ones in your screenshot! She said since April they’ve noticed fall bookings surprisingly high this year; hence limited availability in general & fewer discounted rooms. We can expect less next year I’d guess.

Hm… I don’t know. I couldn’t get CSR for my dates, but already have a great BB rate. I could get POFQ.

VERY helpful! Thanks so much!!

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We’re going different weeks. Just funny that it was same list of resorts open. Makes sense as they are the last to book up save aoa

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So, did you get and email or were you just on the Disney website? I’m a new passholder and have received nothing that would give me a heads up on this discount. I registered on MDE and requested to be put on the email list. Any info. would be helpful. Thx!

I just saw someone post it on chat. I sometimes get an email a day or two after it shows up on the passholder website.

Thanks @Sorcerers_Apprentice for the heads up!! Hopefully some Liners were able to score a discount!!!

I called this morning and they had zero availability at the deluxe resorts for our dates. :cry: The CM said that the AP discount release was scarce. Thank goodness we have a general public RO discount but I was really hoping for that extra 5%. I guess that I’m not surprised though because our resort (YC) shows zero availability at rack rate during our dates. Talk about crazy!

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Thanks! I booked two bounce backs. It is showing no availability at all for BW or WL on the days I am there.

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Same situation here. CM said fall is unusually full this year & that’s why the discounts have been scarce. She said they noticed it started earlier too, with people booking the rooms up in April.

This is why I don’t book at rack rate: it discourages them from discounting resorts.


Yes, please. Something like this would be helpful. Or at least a known thread where users could post what they’re hearing about upcoming discounts. It seems like it’s getting ever more important to be on these discounts at 7:00 a.m.

It was helpful on Lines Chat to be able to read when the buzz began leading up to discounts being released.

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Missed that opportunity :frowning:

And today I get the email.

Wish I got the email, or any communication at all as an AP holder.

All my AP email comes to my work email address which Disney insists is not in their system.

I’ve talked to WDW IT at least 6 times, and they insist that my personal email is tied to my AP.


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Yes, they said I had no email tied to my account, so they “added it”. Yeah, right…

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it seems as with the other fall discounts that AP were really limited too. I checked several resorts and dates and found very little open. that was on day 1 about an hour after they opened reservations.