Late dinner near BWI?

My husband and I are planning a short kid-free trip at the beginning of September, and will arrive at MCO around 9 pm, barring any delays. Would we be better off just grabbing something quick at the airport before we get on ME, or is there somewhere decent in the boardwalk area that’s open late? We’ll both have worked almost a full day and we’ll be pretty tired I think, so I don’t want to make any reservations we’ll be obligated to keep. Just wondering what will be open and worth checking out at around 10 pm on a Wednesday.

Bluezoo will be Open until 11. You could go to the lounge area. You could also go to Crew’s Cup. You could also Uber to DS, I love a late night Raglan ADR.

I think the other Signatures at Swan/Dolphin are also open till 11.

Kimonos (midnight?)
Il Mulino

I’d grab something at the airport. It would be 10:30 before you’d check in at a restaurant. That’s too late for me and not much will really be open then.

I didn’t say the airport because I know most of the food options close around 9:00. Here is the website so you can see what the options will be:

Thanks, all! This is our first time staying at BWI and our first time getting in so late. I’ll have to do research on all these options.

Picabu at Dolphin, too.
I’d 100% be thinking about Airport food tho, unless you guys are night owls.

I think Picabu at Swalphin is 24 hrs

Yes it is. They have a pretty good taqueria. :slight_smile: